Global Executive Masters in Financial Management


Welcome to our global GEMFM website!


The GEMFM is an executive master in financial management program with a global reach.

The program has been designed and developed by finance professors with extensive experience in executive education, in close cooperation with financial professionals and educational experts. The Executive Masters in Financial Management program caters for the needs of the ‘new’  financial world  by focusing on core capabilities: an international orientation, in-depth financial expertise, and the management skills and analytical abilities essential for a changing environment. The program pays attention to the personal leadership skills of the financial professional, stressing both effectiveness (getting things done) and responsibilities (impact).


The GEMFM is offered in different countries, adapted to local needs and circumstances.
Since the structure and the core of the program is the same in different countries a network has emerged that can accommodate alumni, student and staff exchanges, gives room for further development of the program including joint activities, mutual recognition of diploma’s, etc.


GEMFM GLOBAL  emphasizes the quality of its products and services.

Quality is defined along five dimensions:
1) Content which is up-to-date and up-to-the-standard
2) Practical Relevance
3) Effective communication and interaction 
4) Professional Delivery
5) Corporate / Social Responsibility


GEMFM GLOBAL  aims for quality through

1) tapping from a global network of selected professors with a proven track record in executive education
2) cooperation with demanding clients who adhere to the same quality dimensions as mentioned above and
3) continuous quality control. In addition to using internal quality control, GEMFM GLOBAL  seeks external quality control through external accreditations and endorsements.